Compatible USB Drive to rip to Nucleus +

@Craig_Palmer - I appreciate the tips. I have not done any meta data editing yet. I may in the future. I wish Roon had a list view like MediaCenter so you can see a lot of the meta data for each album at once - perhaps there is a way and I have not yet found it.

Not related to this thread but, a person is about to arrive so I can audition a set of speakers. It seems each time I upgrade my components, I like my old speakers less (they are about 35 years old :-)). I will try some ripping later.

I have been running XLD for about 20 minutes on a CD and it is not even1% done. How long does it normally take for you to rip a cd with this software? These are the settings, I did not change anyhthing:

Yea. The idea of fast ripping and 100% assurance you have a bit perfect rip are at complete odds with each other…

FWIW, dBpoweramp uses AccurateRip and is blazing fast.

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Yes, but at the rate it was going, I calculated it would take 40 hours per CD which is just broken. I just came back from buying an LG drive that I will connect to the Nucleus. I will give that a go. An important point to remember is that almost all the CDs I am going to transfer were from the 80’s and early 90’s they sound terrible. I am sure the Chord can help some but in the end they will still be terrible source recordings.:frowning:

Hmm. That can’t be right. My setup took a couple of minutes per cd with XLD.

The CD Reader directly connected to the Nucleus apparently works. I say that because I could not see anything on the UI that indicated it was working ( the light on the drive was blinking). It seems to read the CD a bit faster than playback time so that is OK.

The software places the CD the CD-Rip Directory, no notices on the UI when done, nothing. Perhaps this is a good thing. It just works and the CD appears in you library.

As to sound - I am not sure it is any better, but I have not played with filters for CDs yet.

You need to refresh to get an update on the admin page.

In another thread, I posted that accessing the device (Nucleus +) directly over the network instead of the Roon UI but typing the IP address of the device, works fine.

1.0.183 should support super drive… let me know…

Thanks for the update. I did the install and while I have already ripped all my CDs, I plugged in my super drive to the Nucleus plus and it was instantly recognized. Well done. Thanks