Compliments due

Is there a compliments category?
Seems that this forum is great for posting problems and resolving issues, but a bit short on compliments.
Just want to say that I just checked out Displays and lyrics, this is a new and fantastic feature, want to offer my thanks and compliments to your amazing team. This feature brings my giant screen into play in a magnificent way. Many thanks, guys and gals!!!


I fully agree! Displays rock :slight_smile:

Display in combination with spaces on Mac is also a great experience… add a pdf booklet in the mix and you get this…


… is this the feature where you can have the display on the TV whilst streaming via your usual DAC/Bridge? Love it too - anyways - Roon is fantastic all the way !!!

Great job - keep it up !!!

Now that’s shows the promise of the potential that Roon has. Now it just needs to be implemented in a user friendly way.

… ähm - how do you do this?

I find it very user friendly… just swipe back a forth between full screen spaces in MacOs. The pdf is also opened from within roon… just add it to the second space.

Ooh - I’ve just realised that I can use the multiple virtual desktops feature of Windows 10 to do something similar to this trick that you’ve done with spaces on Mac… Thanks!