Composer and lyricist

So, i have basic question here, that maybe has no answer.
As far as i can see, in many many cases in roon metadata the composer is only the composer of the music.
While the composer of the lyrics is not part of the composers. in fact, even when there is a lyricist entry in roon DB, very often it does not show out in composers.

there are pros and cons
-in many jazz standards, for example, there are many interpretations of a piece, with and without the vocal part (with lyrics often written at different time with respect to the music, and also with different versions/languages). then, it makes sense to treat them all at the same composition, and add the lyrics as a “track” feature. maybe.
-on the other hand, there are songs that cannot be split in music and lyrics. most of classical music. and i think most of pop/rock (even though there can be “instrumental” version, rare, that can be treated separately).

so, my question basically is if i have understood correctly, if this is the “main” roon behavoir. so that i can “harmonize” my file tags, when necessary.