Composer credits known to Roon are not displayed

As an example, on Joan Baez’ Dark Chords on a Big Guitar tracks 2-10 no credits are displayed, yet when you drop down on the track the composer data is there.

Composer credits are displayed on album details when they’re sufficiently “interesting”, meaning the composer is notable or figures prominently in your collection.

That’s why cover versions often jump out – if you have a good deal of Bob Dylan in you collection, performances of his works are probably interesting to you, and linking back to other performances is important context.

At one time we showed more but it was really unusable, particularly for pop albums where a song could have 20 composers.

@mike, thanks for the explanation, can we have the option of editing whom we deem sufficiently interesting? As an example I’d consider Ryan Adams sufficiently interesting…I have all his solo albums as well as those of Whiskeytown and the Cardinals plus a good few bootlegs…but due to the size of my overall music collection Roon hasn’t deemed him interesting.

Any easy way to do this would be to enable the attribute to be toggled when browsing an artist or viewing a list of artists.

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@mike, Roon users typically don’t collect Justin Bieber and the like :wink:

We may make some changes to how this works, but when the next big round of editing comes along, this will be editable if it still makes sense.

It’s hard to say for sure, but it’s possible he’s interesting as a performer, but not as a composer which would be determined by factors like how often his works are performed by others.

Does the Ryan Adams page have a composer toggle in your collection like, say, McCartney?

@mike. He does.

I have to say I fully agree that the hiding of composer credits is in many circumstances the wrong choice. I can’t imagine any classical collector wanting composers hidden for classical albums.

This is something you might consider toggling automatically based on Genre. All albums with a Classical Genre should automatically get all Composer credits displayed in the album details page, IMO.

Similarly, there should be an option to turn it on for non-classical. Where it’s too much I would like the option to turn it off for that album.

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@Ludwig Yes, @brian asked me to update my post here :blush: We actually already do take genre into account here, and show composers by default for Jazz and Classical. Are you seeing otherwise?

@audiomuze – I agree this could be better, but the whole “interestingness” concept is getting a full overhaul in the next few months, so while there won’t be lots of immediate incremental changes, you can expect this to get better in a pretty significant way once that work is completed.

I’m seeing chaos, basically.

I put it down to the creaking old “interestingness” rules, which I know are due for a rewrite. The Genre connection is new to me. (You used it in Sooloos, of course, but I didn’t assume it was used here, because it was never mentioned.) I’ll try adding some genres and seeing what changes.