Composer generated playlist

This is my first disappointing experience with Roon. The ‘Play Now’ Bacharach playlist generated does not contain any songs written by Bacharach (despite the fact that it IDs the numerous Bacharach songs in my collection)! Am I missing something…

Hi Paul, could you be more specific? You generate a playlist from your library using focus? And it does not play the files listed? How can I try to reproduce your error?

Hi Traian, I search for Burt Bacharach. I get a page with ‘Overview’ and ‘Compostions (which lists the numerous titles composed by him in my library accurately). I am offered the chance to ‘Play Now’ under the heading ‘Burt Bacharach’. The titles played are not composed by Bacharach. Hope this helps! Paul

Not 100% :frowning: I have no local files only tidal
but anyway there is something odd. I get to the page. Go to compositions. Selec all (200+) And only first 4 or 5 ar by him (written in credits) there are others too, but nowhere near 200+. When I select the unqueued ones and try to play I get a error

Screenshot 2023-02-14 at 17.49.13

But when I go to one compositions and select all versions all of them get in the queue there is no error

Oh now I understand a little. Going to the compositions page, selecting all, play selected plays only the versions in my library. But still why do you get tracks not composed by him it is the question. I’ll try again

The Bacarach conundrum! Not timely!

Checking the ones that are not stated in the title composed by Bacarach, Roon it is not in error, he is stated at the credits. Thanks anyway, just earlier I listened to the white stripes “I just don’t know what to do with myself” and I did not ever know about Bacarach.

OK, based on your feedback, Traian, I can play Bacharach’s stuff by selecting under ‘Compositions’ all his tracks in my library. and then clicking on the ‘Play’ button at the top of the screen. But that’s still disappointing, as it requires extra effort and being faked out by the initial ‘Play Now’ button!

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Just to be clear, clicking on the top most ‘Play now’ button after selecting Bacharach compositions in my library (on hard disc), does play Bacharach. But clicking on the ‘Play now’ button, does not…

…should have read “…lower ‘Play now’ button…”

I did try only using selection. Without the selecting I think it is playing the previously queue. I’ll check
After you select them save a bookmark so no need to do it again (and the bookmark is dynamic, so if you add more compositions to your library they will get in the bookmark)

Looks like the play now (the one overlaid on the artist photo) plays something else not the list from the compositions, so you have to select them. If not selected when I hit play the queue is based on discography not on compositions.


OK, there is a ‘sucker’ button! Disappointing, for me…

Yes, it does not look like it is doin what it would be logical to do

I can’t be the first to have noticed this!

I did not use that button, not for overview or compositions. For one composition I did but just selected and hit play… but I’m just one habit and way of thinking