Composer Periods

Where does this data come from? In my Roon I’ve got composer periods including Modern, Contemporary, and 20th Century. The only artists in 20th Century are John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Modern includes Irving Berlin and Frank Zappa. Doesn’t seem to make much sense.

In Roon, periods are part of the composition metadata and what counts as classical is determined by the composer.

The to me known sources for metadata in Roon:

  1. (main source)

You can check the composition/composers metadata on their sites.

If you don’t like the classical (composer) categorization that you encounter in Roon, you can edit the composer:

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Ok, all of what you said is known to me and/or self evident. What I meant was, where is the composer period information stored and is it editable? The way it’s presented now is essentially useless. If the data can’t be managed (edited) and it is incorrect, then Roon shouldn’t provide the data. I’m assuming composer periods are simply part of the metadata package Roon purchases from Tivo and then passes on to us, the end users. However, if the data is clearly wrong or useless, it should be discarded or not presented at all. It just confuses and frustrates the end users.

To make the period whatever you wish In the composition view select the three dots menu select edit and you will bring up the composition editor.

Thank you. That’s exactly what I was looking for. Since you seem familiar with the concept of composer periods, is there a standard organization or assignment method? As I said above, Lennon and McCartney are assigned to 20th Century while everyone else from the time period is assigned Modern or Contemporary. And what’s the difference between Modern and Contemporary?