Composer / Publisher being Munged (Depeche Mode)

I have composition display switched on for all genres, not just Classical. In this Depeche Mode box-set the lyricist is being munged with the publisher. It is for all tracks on the 18 disk box-set

I am noticing other things with composition handling. Probably just my imagination but there seems to be more duplicate composers. It’s been mentioned that database / metadata changes have already been made prior to the 1.8 GUI drop. Not related I hope, just coincidence? From the 1.8 preview screen shots composition / composer is being brought more center stage.

Hi @Tony_Casey. This publisher data does not seem to be in our Cloud metadata. Please would you check your file tags on this one?

Thanks for looking Joel. You can close this one. I’ve already deleted the tags to tidy it up.

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