Composers from Hidden Albums

I’ve got some albums that haven’t been identified and have bad composer information. I’ve hidden the albums, but the composers still show up. The only compositions for the given composers are on the hidden albums.

I’d like to avoid removing the files entirely, but I will do that if there’s no other way.

Can anyone help me with this?

“Hidden” just means that the album won’t be displayed in the Album browser by default (although you can still use the Focus > Hidden criterion to display the list of hidden albums). However, the metadata of these albums is still being used by Roon to feed its database, and that includes populating other attributes, such as the list of composers, as you have found.

Could you not correct the “bad” composer data?

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Thanks, Geoff. Yes, the long-term goal will be correcting the invalid data, but I was hoping to address one-by-one while still keeping all files in the same directory. I’ll move them out for now.