Composers in 1.3

Although there are improvements in classical music in 1.3, 1.3 is still a let down for classical music. I seriously doubt Roon developers are serious classical music fans.

When I click composers, it will take me to the page of all list of works. For prolific composers like Mozart, it is impossible to find the compositions I want to listen. The list of works must be grouped under classical sub-genre with expandable and collapsible list.

I suggest Roon developers take a look at wiki page

This is how compositions should be listed. It is much easier to locate the compositions.

Furthermore, is there anyway to easily create search by conductors and composers? It is impractical to create N*M tags where N is the number of conductors and M is the number of composers. This is just one example.

Roon must allow much more flexible filtering. I would suggest Roon to implement something like “View” in Jriver.

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biggest issue though are database inconsistencies :frowning:

Colin Davis and London Symphony Orchestra, just to name one scenario, are listed in different albums as “Colin Davis (no mention of orchestra)”, “London Symphony Orchestra (no mention of conductor)”, “Colin Davis & London Symphony Orchestra (one single entity/hyperlink)”, “Sir Colin Davis” etc etc etc and… also, sometimes, as “Colin Davis / London Symphony Orchestra (two separate entities/two separate hyperlinks. as it should always be)”

aaaaarrrrggghhhh!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I fix some of these by merging artists: in the artist browser, filter down the list with the funnel function, the select all the ones you want to merge, and click Merge.

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Sorry. Such an expensive software requires such complicated operations.

I can create customize views in Jriver and it displays how I want them to display.

The only thing Roon is better than Jriver is the fancy GUI and database.

I find it works well using the filter to list only the type of work I’m looking for (the “funnel” icon in the top right).

For example, go to the Mozart composer page, click on the funnel and type “quintet” or “clarinet”.

There are many arias which I can never remember the names. How do I locate the concert arias by using funnel icon.

Give you another example, there are a thousand lieder from Schubert. How does one expect to find a particular lieder easily?

To locate composition easily, one should not require by typing any keywords. It should be all done by click, click, click.

I don’t find it impossible: I use the filter and kind find any of his works almost instantly. But you are right that one can’t do it with “click click click”. The problem is, where do the “sub-genres” you want come from? I wonder if TiVo has them. If so, they are probably not quite good enough to be relied upon. But it might be worth a try. Would have to be switchable though. @brian @mike This has come up before, I think it’s worth looking at.

Do you mean see what performances a conductor has done of a composer? Search might help, but I have proposed something more sophisticated, and it is on the table still. This would mean that on the conductors page, you get a list of composers and can then click through to see work lists of performed works, and then another click the performances by that conductor. (The same structure should exist for browsing albums: would be hugely helpful.)

Currently the alternative is to go back to text-based text browsing. In which case we might as well go back to iTunes, or Explorer/Finder…

I type in the name. It’s by far the quickest. YMMV. If I had Roon display by “sub-genre”, I would get a list of 1000 objects to scroll, which would not be much fun.

Not true. They can be sorted with grooming. There are many other classical issues which have no solution. It’s a lot of effort but if Roon’s database starts to “learn” in the future, it will lighten the load for humanity.

For me the biggest problem is the box sets. It is simply impossible to find out what works of e.g. Beethoven are on a certain box set, without resorting to text-based track browsing. I hope a solution is found for this.

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Roon does not have enough flexibility for users to customize their view. Many softwares like JRiver allows users to completely control how they want to display their music. This is very important for classical music. The flexibility may not be so important for non classical music.

I really like to use Roon for their database. But the inflexibility of Roon is really a turn off.

Have you tried a search for Winterreise in Compositions? I have almost 80 complete recordings, but when I try this, Roon automatically suggests Winterreise and finds… absolutely none!

[EDIT] Sorry, now I see (on top of the screendump) that Roon just keeps on searching… Must be the audio analysis which in my case will take a couple of weeks to finish…

When I do a simple search for “winterreise” I get an entry for it in the “works” section. Works fine.

I believe you. I now know the “issue” is my apparently large library. I didn’t understand why everybody was able to share their experiences with 1.3 features, while my music skipped whenever I tried new features like upsampling. So there was a bit of frustration in my post :wink:

Audio analysis is now over a third of my library, using 8 cores. I will just wait patiently until Roon has finished its work, meanwhile using it like 1.2. I am enjoying the vastly improved Search speed already though!:slight_smile: