Composition Sort Order in 1.8

When I select a specific Composition, I am presented with the Sort Order choices , by Dates, Popularity (Whose choice ?) and Album (Name)

This randomly shows the Performer and/or Conductor with no means of sorting

Take a Concerto example below, I know I have 3 recordings by Alfred Brendel but because of the Sort By Album Name they are not grouped . There should be a context sensitive sort


Orchestra - Sort by Conductor
Chamber - Sort by Ensemble (quartet etc)
Solo - Sort by Artist (piano sonatas etc)

I am not a detractor of 1.8 but this is to me a serious step back from 1.7 (in 1.7 the Sort By Album option actually sorted by Artist , just what I want as long as you knew about it quirks)

As an aside the first thing I see is Top Performer and Top Conductors which detracts from my ability to select the recording I want.