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I into my gaming too, but I am managing ok with Mint, with the use of Steam etc. But, I am just catching up on my gaming backlog, just finished Prey, which I have been meaning to play for years. I do need a new graphics card though, I was praying (no pun intended) my 970 would see out the current supply difficultites, and of course, it didnt. I had to pay well over the odds for a 1660 GT as it was all I could get, I am still on the look out for a 3080.

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I am running a EVGA 1070ti (you can see my build which is both my gaming machine and my core in this thread.The Soul of a New Machine - #10 by Rugby)

I don’t play first person shooters. I am mainly an RPG player. Currently, playing through the original Baldur’s Gate series which has been sitting in my library untouched since it was released.

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Great - I will have a look.

I seem to have played the Demon, Dark SoulsBorne games for the last decade, maybe longer, I cant remember! I used to play quite a bit of Civ and the Total war series. Football manager through-out.

I have never done the Baldurs gate series unfortunately. I think I was more Morrowind, then Oblivion at the time.

Not Skyrim?

Yes, but later on. Witcher 3 etc too, which was excellent.

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On my list. I still have Original sin 2, Wasteland 3, and Pillars of Eternity 2 to finish.

And the Witcher 3 is massive, I bet the games you mention are too. Don’t forget Fallout, dragon age and I bet a ton more. Mass Effect series, the original 3. I need to stop!!!

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Well, I just moved our discussion to a new thread to clean up the original.

Good idea!

On a related note, I finished Demon Souls last night on the PS5!

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I used to be a PC gamer way back when, but it got too rich for my blood, the cost of the high end GFX cards is just silly. So I moved over to consoles, and I’m playing on an Xbox Series X now.

Currently on my second play through of Jedi Fallen Order which is excellent… and for the fast twitch stuff I’m enjoying Doom Eternal. The latest real-time ray tracing update is awesome.

@tahsu Have you played/seen the new remastered versons of the first three Mass Effect games? Legendary Edition or something. I’m looking forward to heading back to those titles on the next gen hardware

One final title to recommend, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. If you havent played it, then I can heartily recommend it. Brilliant game.

It can be very very expensive, especially now. PC gaming tends to make up the difference because the games can be had for extremely cheap prices if you look around. Last generation I had an xbox one x, and a ps4 pro and a gaming PC, and I am not sure I needed all. A PS5 and gaming PC is pretty good, but I have never ‘done’ nintendo, and I think I should. Anyway, I also need a new graphics card, and I will need to sell a lung or something to fund.

On the games front, I have not yet played mass effect remastered, I might thought, when a bit cheaper. Senua’s Sacrifice is on the list, I am glad to hear you enjoyed it. Metro Exodus is good, as are the books. Same for Witcher books, very good.

I could never do consoles since the original Nintendo Entertainment System…

…and PC’s seemed to move too fast, and I’ve mostly been a Mac guy for the last decade.

That said, I recently got into it with Google’s Stadia. I was subscribing for a while, but the “Pro” games all got boring… I ended up buying Cyberpunk 2077 and then Borderlands 3, both came at some promotional price, and both have been a ton of fun. Many many hours of entertainment for a cost far less than a night out.

After putting the kids to bed, and my wife likes to boss me around to do stuff in the game (Shoot him! Drive there! Look under that thing!).

I’m super happy with it, so I’ll keep buying on Stadia.

Should I Red Dead Redemption 2 next?

You should try xCloud (Xbox Game Pass) Danny, much better selection of games than Stadia!

Metro 2033 was a good game so I’d like to play Exodus as well and the new update looks really good

I played many Assassins Creed games until Origins and then the pay to win stuff just got out of hand! I refuse to grind/pay to win on a game that costs £50. That’s where game pass has been such a great deal, so many great games. Too many almost! I’m looking forward to flight simulator in a coupe of weeks at no extra cost.

Red Dead2 is good, and worth playing. Its quite a slow burn game, but looks great.

I too have tried Stadia and Geforce Now, but I have ended up ditching both as I dont think my internet is quite good enough (80 meg line max). However I did manage to play and finish Cyberpunk on Stadia and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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If you like RPGs then, Divinity: Original Sin 2 should not be missed. Going to be listed as a classic, next to Witcher 3, for recent RPGs.

It is in a series, but a stand alone game despite the “2” at the end; the first game has nothing to do with the second. It has great, and I mean nearly perfect, coop play.

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Try Sekiro

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I used to be a bigger PC gamer until I hurt my shoulder, after that all of the fps games I used to play became difficult. I did love playing Overwatch on PC though! So I switch between console and PC now cause of the controller support and I like sports games and they seem to have a bigger player base on console, it stinks waiting 15min to find an opponent. I’m currently running a GTX 1070 which still seems to be enough power for me at the moment, at least until cards prices drop a bit!

Btw, you can use to find 3080’s when they are in stock, that’s how my brother got his new card!

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Portal and Portal 2 were excellent, the best games I’ve ever played. Enjoyed the halflife franchise too, but am bitter still that they never finished it. I enjoyed and still play Unreal Tournament. But my jam is playing Quake 3 capture the flag. I’d love to find a more modern version of that with better player AI. I like games that don’t require a huge commitment.



Currently in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous, and as always City of Heroes and The Secret World.