Computer is in one room, audio system in another

Hi everyone. Thanks for helping this noob!
My computer, modem, and wi-if router are in a downstairs room, and my audio system is upstairs. The path (for playing ripped CDs and Tidal is: downstairs computer running Room, with external hard drive containing files—->wired connection to modem—->wi-fi to upstairs Simaudio Moon streaming DAC—->wired connection to the audio system.

It’s working great, but I suspect that an Ethernet connection between the modem and the DAC might sound even better. Will having the cable company install another modem upstairs at my DAC and system location allow me to keep the computer/hard drive downstairs and gain any advantage of having a modem hardwired to the DAC? Does that signal flow (i.e. eliminating the wi-if) work? Would the signal from the downstairs computer reach the upstairs modem?

Thanks for your help with what is probably a silly question!

A wired connection from your existing router to your DAC would improve reliability, but would not affect sound quality as far as I know. If everything is working properly, you probably don’t need to do anything. If you’re getting drop outs and delays, etc. run an ethernet cable from your router to your DAC to eliminate the need for WIFI.

Short answer is no. Generally speaking, one can only have one modem per network.

OTOH, any competent electrician can snake an Ethernet cable thru the walls to where you need it.

+1 to what @Jim_F said. I recently moved from a house with ethernet in all rooms to one with no ethernet wiring. Didn’t expect or notice any loss in sound quality going from wired to wireless.

Probably not. If you’re not noticing any pops, clicks, or dropouts, the WiFi is probably handling it just fine. Using Ethernet won’t change the sound quality; it just makes the connection a bit more reliable.

no point having another Modem installed…You need a cable direct to the other modem or else another modem will have a different LAN segment and not be able to see the downstairs connections.

Maybe you meant a switch?

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Wi fi is ok for control but Ethernet for signal

Google what interferes with 2.4 g wi fi it’s scary

Wireless phones
Baby Alarms

My house is all brick and concrete, wi fi is a nightmare

I have 7switches and 5 WiFi AP’s rebar and concrete in a 2 story unit is the death Nell WiFi for signals

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It’s quite possible that there could be a small difference in the sound between wired Ethernet and WiFi due to the different electrical noise generated by the WiFi module in the streamer, and the possibility of other electrical noise picked up by Ethernet cables, coupling into your analogue electronics. In my experience, these differences tend to be very small or non-existent. There are many variables including your HiFi and networking hardware, other electrical appliances around your home, and your own hearing sensitivity.

If you’re curious, I would buy a proper certified Cat5e cable long enough to reach from router to streamer, which doesn’t cost very much. Disable the WiFi on the streamer and give it a try. If it’s no more reliable or better sounding that WiFi, you won’t need to mess around drilling holes in the wall.


Aa long lan cable is a good option to have in the house to do troubleshooting with too. sell good cables. As does others like bluejeans etc. don’t pay silly money for HIFI lan cables

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I would chime in with all the others who state that if the WiFi is not dropping out or causing any issues I would leave it alone. I have run a similar system in the past with no issues at all. If you want to potentially reduce a tiny bit of noise you might put an AudioQuest Jitterbug ($50 each I think) or a PS Audio Noise Harvester (a lot more expensive though) in the USB port in the back of the router. I swear that made a difference in my system with the sound quality but had no effect on the WiFi connection. I also second the notion that if you can get an Ethernet cable up to your audio system at all that, to me, is always preferred.

THANK YOU to everyone for your responses. I learned a lot. Again, my thanks!


@Jennifer_Martin I also have a house that doesn’t have CatX cable to every room but does have coax. I use this handy device to send my Ethernet traffic over my coax.

I agree with the other posts that as long as you are not getting drop outs there shouldn’t be a difference but if you want to try a cabled extension this is a way that you can do it yourself.

The OP is using a Simaudio Moon Streaming DAC, which I’m sure costs a pretty penny. It would be real shame if at that price the manufacturer cannot block potential WiFi noise. If they can’t, what hope can we have for the same on the Ethernet input?

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