Concerns About the Future of Roon and Lifetime License Post-Merger

Dear Roon Community and Team,

I recently came across the announcement regarding Roon’s merger with Harman International, and subsequently part of the Samsung Corporation. While the merger opens new horizons, it naturally raises some concerns for us, the users, especially those holding lifetime licenses.

The statement from Roon’s founder, “We expected to fight hard for the existing lifetimers, but Harman was awesome and didn’t even consider not continuing to support them!”, is indeed reassuring. However, given the complex nature of corporate mergers and the policies of larger conglomerates, I believe it’s prudent for us, as a community, to seek clarity on a few critical aspects.

  1. Future of Lifetime Licenses: Are there specific clauses in the merger agreement that explicitly guarantee the rights and benefits of existing lifetime license holders? It’s essential for us to know that our investment in Roon is protected.
  2. Quality of Support and Service: Mergers often bring changes in operational dynamics. Can we expect the same level of dedicated support and service quality that has been a hallmark of Roon?
  3. Product Development and Innovation: How will this merger influence Roon’s roadmap for product development and innovation? Is there a possibility that the focus might shift in a way that affects the user experience negatively?
  4. Data Privacy and Security: With a larger corporation now involved, how will our data privacy and security be managed? Are there changes we should be aware of?

Understanding these aspects will not only reassure your long-standing customers but also reinforce the trust and commitment we have in the Roon ecosystem. We appreciate the exceptional experience Roon has provided thus far and look forward to its continued evolution.

Thank you for addressing these concerns.

Best regards,


Whilst allowing for English as not being your primary language, the term is Acquisitions not Merger

Unless I am wrong, Roon has been Acquired (Bought) by another company.

That said , the 4 points you make have all been raised already in the “main thread” and simply at this stage of the acquisition there is little information forthcoming about these points,

I am sure “old Roon” would love to reassure us on all 4 points but I would imagine the situation is still a little “fluid” depending upon how much was agreed before the transition

We will never know, Roon has always played its card close to the chest and rightly so, it was their business , we were simply the customer. I can’t see Roon/Harman/Samsung being a democracy where we the users have any say

Just my 2p

This thread should really be merged with the existing one maybe …

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Can you get me some of that stuff you’ve apparently been smoking?


Luckily there are no concerns about this :wink:

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