Concierto de Aranjuez

I’ve just found out that in my library there are… 2 concertos of aranjuez.

  1. one is this:

    and as you can see i have 14 different versions.
  2. the other one is:

    and of this concert i have 12 different versions.

with my 26 concertos, i’m pretty sure they are the same composition :slight_smile:

I have to say that… i’m trying to see the good things in Roon, and solve the problems i meet… but in my opinion what should be the best feature, id est the recognition of albums and compositions… is very weak.
and talking about classical, which is in a sense a much smaller universe…, i find strange an error of this kind, and i’m sort of worried of get into a serious inspection of my library compositions…

and i see also 2 “Fantasia para un gentilhombre” (always by J. Rodrigo)

For the Fantasia problem, try a consistent title. In absence of opus numbers, title consistency becomes more critical. Add “, for guitar & orchestra” to the top one.

As for the Concerto, I still feel your pain. I have five Boleros in my system. But they are split into two groups and the groups don’t talk to each other. Still scratching over that one.

One other thing: I see no TIDAL on your screen? Are you subscribed? Having TIDAL in the mix makes composition IDing a better possibility. Add a TIDAL Rodrigo to your library, and it could clear up.

I know, I know. You shouldn’t have to do that. John

Check this post: Grouping tracks into works

Yes, i could “correct” it. But actually I have a problem about it: Roon “speaks english”.
in my library, i’ve made the choice (difficult and absurd) to put everywhere the original title (with the exception of russian…, special rules for that). and i have to ademit that i was going crazy, because with so many albums it’s really difficult to be consistent. so, soon capabilities would be really a manna… if they worked :slight_smile:
But i don’t like to see “Concierto de Aranjuez for guitar and orchestra”. it should read “Concierto de Aranjuez para guitarra y orquesta”…
but i understand that if i start making changes… i get into a “tagging hell” again.

Here it would be nice the possibility to “merge compositions” the way you do with artists… and then edit them once for all…

Niccolo wherever you are and whatever you use to kick back, consider your relative good fortune, and relax. Deep breaths, in and out. Seriously, my gut tells me that Roon is close to a new version, and that tagging is on their radar. Nothing but a hunch, but if you can live with the status quo for a bit, you may be rewarded with time saved. :slight_smile:

I used to be you. I swear, your questions and dogged insistence on excellence have been part of me all my life. Then in later life I asked myself, as I fooled with my tagging library, why am I obsessing over this? And after a while, the answer had to be, “dunno”.

This is a good product, a good company with a good ethos. I think you’ve picked a winner. Give yourself a break.

But if you like, I’ll be happy to react to any more puzzles. J

PS: in the meantime, if the mood hits, post your wish list. They listen, or at least pretend to. :smile: