Conductor / Choir Master / Chorus Master

I am finding it unpredictable how a Choir Master is coming through in roon. There are several variations. They can be assigned the following roles:

Choir Master
Choir Director
Chorus Master
Chorus Director

In general, Choir Master or Choir Director works much better as roon will then roll up the orchestra conductors and choir masters into one line on it’s main album display, and also make the correct distinctions on the credits page. On the other hand Chorus Masters and Directors are “hidden” on the album page. I find this confusion creates a lot of manual editing tasks with all sorts of choral music. It is especially apparent on large scale works like Mahlers 8th where there might be 4 or more conductors and roon is rarely assigning the correct roles. For example, this Mariss Jansons Mahler 8 is typical. To get the following display currently takes a lot of manual effort in roon. The default roon display is nothing like this. Is there anyway of improving the automation here?

Hi @Tony_Casey,

We are aware of this type of behavior and have a ticket open tracking them. We hope to do some work in the future that will improve how this works.

Thanks for the post, Tony. We appreciate the feedback.

Good to hear. This would be in my top 3 of manual edits. So any change there would be really welcome.

Based on some of our discussions from yesterday, we’ve made a bunch of cleanups related to this area (various ensembles and their directors, particularly vocal ensembles). Hopefully re-classification will ease some of the pain you’re feeling around this.

Thanks Brian. Really appreciated. I know something like this is under the radar stuff. But it will really make a surprisingly strong difference to everyone’s experience. Excellent!. Now if only this other exponential moan . . . :grinning: