Conductor in classical music not showing

I am trying to get a new (not yet released) album of classical music in Roon, however the conductor is not showing with the composition. I have specifically used the ‘conductor’ tag, like I normally do and which normally works. Now I only get to see the conductor when I tap ‘credits’. It is driving me crazy. Any suggestions?

And one more question: how could I specify a choir master as choir master. I understood I could add a name as ‘personnel’ and specify in the tag what his role is. So I did this: Klaas Stok - Choir_Master
and it doesn’t appear at all. Am I doing something wrong?

Many thanks for your help!


Because display of credits from Jazz and Classical albums is special, did you add the Classical genre to the album before checking?

Try Klaas Stok - Choir Master instead.

If you need more help, showing pictures of what you see in Roon as well as from your file tags might be helpful.

Note: You can also lookup file tags in Roon from the 3-dots menu from tracks (View file info …).

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Thank you so much, BlackJack! Both tips did the trick!

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