Configure QNAP TS-251A as library and connect to Roon


I’m new with Roon and this group; I have some configuration issues so I appreciate your help:

I’ve just installed Roon on my MacBook Pro 13" ( i7 6th generation, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD), I would like to use the Mac as Core.
I have a QNAP TS-251A with 2 Seagate Ironwolf 6TB, I would like to use the NAS in Raid 1 to install the Roon Library and then use my Hi-Fi system (Bladelius Gondul, BAT VK-56SE, Hyperion HPS-968) with an interface between Mac and Gondul (I plan to use M2Tech hiFace Two ).
Unfortunately I’m not able to configure the QNAP, so Roon doesn’t recognize the QNAP as Music folder and I cannot put there my Library (I don’t find the QNAP between the installed devices, but with the shared devices only).

At the moment my Library is installed (I’m building it) on an external HD WD Red 6TB and all is working well, I only need the USB cable between Mac and WD.

I would really appreciate any help to solve this issue.

Many thanks for your support


I don’t know why you have trouble with the Qnap.
But if Roon is working well with the USB drive, why do you want to change to the NAS.

Roon is working very well with a WD 6TB external HD, I would like to use a NAS because I already have it and using a Raid 1 configuration I have my library protected with back-up. Thanks for your reply.

No, RAID is not backup. It protects (partially) against a hard drive failure. But it does not protects against many other failures: hardware failures in the NAS or its power supply, AC power surges or lightning strikes, software bugs in the NAS, accidental “fumble-finger” delete, flooding, fire, theft. (Take this seriously: I was a senior executive at the backup division of Microsoft.)

My recommendation:

  1. Play Roon from a regular drive like you do now. Simpler, fewer boxes involved in the playback and therefore fewer failures.
  2. Do backup to the NAS.
  3. Some form of off-premises backup, either with a portable drive that you move somewhere else regularly, or a cloud service.

That’s what I do.


Hi Anders,
Many thanks for your recommendation, I really appreciate them.

II’ll follow your suggestions.

Kind Regards