Configuring Windows to log in automatically for Headless Servers

I simply added the rServer shortcut to my Windows start-up folder, per THIS instruction set.

Seems to be a much easier process than the “Configuring Windows to log in automatically for Headless Servers” doc I found in the Roon KB (my registry didn’t follow all the levels exactly as depicted in the KB’s instruction set so I didn’t muck around).

Not quite the same thing, I think. The shortcut is for starting up a specific Windows program once a user has logged in.

What that article in the Roon KB is for is configuring windows to automatically log in for headless servers.

That said, I think that article is needlessly complicated - anything that involves faffing about with the Windows Registry can be fraught with danger for those who are unfamiliar with it.

I originally referenced a simpler method in the old Roon Knowledge Base system - this got replaced when the change was made to the new Help Portal for some reason.

The simpler method for setting up an auto-login is here:


Or even better, use Sysinternals Autologon which will encrypt your password and add this and other necessary reg keys automatically.


Ah, excellent distinction, @Geoff_Coupe! I miss technical details like this, lol. Upon start-up, I don’t need to log in, only have rServer boot, which it now does. I must have turned off the “log-in” step, yes?