Confirming Roon Database Location w/ Synology

Hello! I use an external usb SSD for my Roon Database. Recently upgraded to DSM 7.0. It’s up and running but it appears to be a bit buggy / crashing / lagging.I had similar problems before I eventually upgraded to the usb / ssd drive for my database.

I am starting to think that I may not have correctly pointed to my USB drive as the correct location for the database when re-installing and upgrading to DSM 7.0 and that the files which appear on the usb drive are from my old version of Roon.

Is there a way to “check” to ensure the current DSM 7 database is on the usb drive? If I use file station to browse my files, via the path “/usbshare2/RoonOnNAS/RoonServer/Database” the files appear to be 10-11 days old, which is right when I performed the upgrade.

Appreciate any help or insight. Thanks!

The easiest way, is to check the corresponding log files on that folder:
If you start Roon Server, there should be entries in

Your Specified Shared Folder/RoonOnNAS/RoonOnNAS.log.txt

Roon also writes constantly to its log files (way more often, compared to the mentioned RoonOnNAS log file above):

Your Specified Shared Folder/RoonOnNAS/RoonServer/Logs/RoonServer_log.txt

All entries should have a timestamp as well.

Ohh good news! It’s currently operating on the ssd/usb drive. Thanks @Crieke
(now I have to figure out why it’s a bit buggy!)