Confused about favorite artists, albums

Using the Windows client, I am having problems around accessing favorite artists or albums from Qobuz. I get the feeling that I’d have to add everything to my library in order for it to show up, but if you’ve come to Roon after a history of Qobuz activity it could take a long (, long) time to just achieve parity with where you already were in the first place. Am I missing something - is there a way to import favorite albums or artists (separately) via, say, a CSV list so that it doesn’t take such a long time to catch up?

With a little bit of research I’ve found that a Premium Soundiiz membership will export favorites to CSV; if anyone at Roon is listening, please consider this.


Not sure I understand your problem correctly.

Any album you have favorited in Qobuz is automatically added to your Roon library, along with the artists of these albums. On first sync this takes a bit if you have many Qobuz favorites, but otherwise this should be pretty instant. I.e., I can go to the Qobuz app and favorite an album, then go back to Roon > Home > Recently added, and it shows up right away.

If this does not work for you, something is off

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Go to Roon - Settings - Services and input your Qobuz account if you haven’t already. You can also click on Qobuz - Sync library now while you are there.

Roon has the functionality to export favorites to a CSV file that you can use with Soundiz to copy your favorites to other platforms. I use it to keep Apple Music in sync with Tidal and Qobuz. You use it with playlist also.

Good point :rofl: I thought that’s obvious but maybe isn’t