Confused about Hegel H390 with Mac mini USB and Roon

I understand the H390 isn’t Roon Ready, but I don’t think my question involves that. If I were using a Mac Mini’s USB output to the Hegel, could I currently get “32/384 + MQA + DSD256(DoP)” out of Roon? Or is it limited in some way either from the Mac or the Hegel?

To be clear, I don’t own the H390. I’m trying to decide what integrated amp to buy. Thanks!

From Mac USB you should get 384 kHz 24 bit PCM or DSD256 DoP without issue. The H390 also supports MQA.

You’re correct re. Room Ready status.

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Hegel is working on Roon Ready, i was talking to a sales rep last week and he sayd that it is working but not supporting all formats.
This was at the intro of the new H95.
I own an H390 and am eager to have it as a Roon Ready device, but, it is awesome even without RR.
I use a Bluesound Node I2 until it is certified.

It was a topic on this forum twelve months ago but at present Hegel is not a Roon Ready partner. Also note that some resellers are incorrectly stating that this amp is a Roon endpoint. The Hegel website does not make such claims.

Neither do i claim it is Roon Ready.
Just stating a excerpt of my conversation with an Hegel representitive.

Did I say you did?

Given the recent changes to Certification, clarification is needed. The Hegel won’t work [as a Roon endpoint] unless certified Roon Ready even if delivered with beta code.

Unfortunately some resellers claim it is a Roon endpoint. This is incorrect.

I am with you on that, it is not an roon endpoint.

When you say “it won’t work with Roon” what do you mean? I thought it would still work as a USB DAC for my Mac Mini.

This is all very confusing to a newbie.

It will work with roon but NOT as a Roon Ready endpoint.
You can use:

  • streamer that is certified and connect it with spdif, usb or analog
  • airplay with roon
  • ropieee to USB port, with spdif or analog hat
  • Usb from your mac mini should work as well

I use a Bluesound Node 2i connected with spdif
Had success with RoPieee connected to usb

I am using a Hegel H 390 for the last couple of weeks, connected to my MAC Mini acting as the Roon core and streamer. It will do DSD, and MQA - no issues.

I am hoping that Roon releases the new firmware soon to make the H390 Roon Ready - so that I can stream directly over the network from the Roon core running on the MAC Mini.

Hegel will release this it has nothing to do with Roon. Vendors look after device firmware and Roon Ready implementation. Roon authorise it if it meets all the criteria.