Confused about how to improve my audio system!

A lot of people on this forum like KEF LS50W speakeres. A complete package - speaker, amp, DAC, and Roon endpoint. Nothing more to buy, but the stands.

There seem to be some quality control issues, but if you buy from a dealer that should be, if worse comes to worse, only a minor hassle.

Sure. The price is not the issue; but before I spend it, I want to know enough about why the price is what it is, to understand the value proposition. Though the DSP 8000s would still be too big for my current room; maybe when I move.

Thanks, I’d noticed that the Roon team went out of their way to support these even without RAAT (assuming I read that right). I figured one of them owned a pair.

What? No Dynaudio Focus XD?

Just to be clear - LS50Ws are RAAT. They are a complete endpoint by themselves.

Don’t know if you realized that.

I don’t have a pair. I don’t like totally integrated systems. Just saying …

Thanks, no, I hadn’t realized that. I knew they were an endpoint, but I thought a different KEF-specific protocol was used, akin to the Chromecast integration.

I think that is not entirely true Slim

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Yep its fully Roon ready, also supports, Spotify connect, Airplay and Chromecast. Yes you need speakers. But you always will whatever route you go.If you go for active speakers you need a decent endpoint to serve them. so either way you need an endpoint and speakers.

There is so much out there and so many things to consider, but to start somewhere (alternatively to the KEFs and ELACs) I highly recommend the active ATC SCM40A. If you can audition them somewhere, do it. They are not digital, they just sound good :wink:

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No CD support, right – no built-in player?

I was looking at the Marantz KI-Ruby set-up coming out this year. They call it an SACD player, but it’s really an external DAC with a CD player as well. Seems like a nice way to go. I don’t see Marantz on the Roon list of hardware partners, though.

Thanks. The fact that they take a separate pre-amp means things like CD players and turntables could also be used. What’s a compatible Roon-ready preamp?

No but you can hook up a cd player to it as it has analogue or digital inputs on the back.

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Alternately you could pick up an Oppo uDP 203 or 205 disc player as some of the those are Roon Ready and are well respected as CD players, but you would need to have either a seperate amp/speakers or active speakers.

Hmm, a Roon endpoint, but not RAAT. Is that it? What was all the hubbub a few months ago?

Proprietary nonsense, in it!

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I’ve been corrected. You are right. An endpoint, but not a RAAT endpoint. Apologies.

Yes, these are serious speakers. On the other hand with them you’d be done on that end (which is maybe the most important). But again, there are many good speakers out there, take the time to find the best fitting ones.
Regarding a fitting preamp for the ATC or other active speakers, and the roon endpoint: again so many options… One interesting device could be a Mytek Brooklyn+ (is a DAC with DSD and MQA, and digital and analog pre-amp, and phono-pre-amp, and headphone-amp) connected with a RoonReady device (e.g. sonicorbiter, microrendu or SOtM sMS200 or sMS200ultra - depends on your network/core layout and the money you want to spend).

I have found the Meridians to satisfy my fixation with clarity, including robust bass.
Wilsons have impressed me even more, but the complete setup including cabling has been significantly more expensive.

The Meridians use DSP to compensate for room interactions (up to a point).
I haven’t heard the Kii but they have the same principle.
As does the KEF.
This makes sense, the speaker has to work in a real-world room, with constraints like not blocking artwork and view.
The Meridians are awesome, but I still use Roon DSP room correction for the final tuning.

There are many others, some mentioned here.
Similar principles.
I’m not a reviewer, can’t comment.

Every one here is going to recommend some speakers. Personally, I am currently listening to GoldenEar Tritons.

Speakers are a very personal thing. You have to go and listen to find your brand, but I guess that’s obvious.:grinning:

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Sure, there are lots of choices.
I just mentioned done examples covering quite a range.
I’m not Darko :rofl:

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Not sure, not fully RAAT because you can’t combine them in a zone with other endpoints.