Confused About Upsampling

Hi, i have a Cambridge Edge NQ and A paired to a KEF R7, start using Roon and love it, i just dont understand the upsampling process, doest i makes sense to upsample everything to DSD256 or 384KHz connected to the DAC with USB, i am using Tidal and Qobuz, think i will go with Qobuz, in the DSP Funktion of Roon, Sample Rate Conversion what it the best setting i should use, doest it makes sense to upsample everything to DSD256? Or if i use Custom, upsample everything to 352,8KHz and 384KHz, Its the first time that i have a Amp and Networkstreamer just want to get the best out of it. Or does the upsampling makes sense when i upsample from DSD64 to DSD256, or Flac 48KHz to 384Khz. Some clearance would be nice and thanks in advance … thats all new to me, i read alot in the roon forum but still have no idea :slight_smile:

The best reason to upsample (or not) is better sound quality, if perceived by your own ears.

Depending on what you like and prefer, there is a good chance you will like the music resulting from upsampling your digital input stream, better. But only you can be the judge of that.
Some people prefer a bit-perfect, unaltered input stream into the dac.

Most definitely worth to give it a try.


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I upsampled everything to DSD256 it sounds more controlled and pulling the volume up its sounds more clear and compared to non upsampled. I was just worried :slight_smile: because it sounds quieter and have to pull the volume up, thought i did something wrong with the settings, thanks for the reply

No, it is quieter. You did nothing wrong.

I’m a simple man.
I think the guys who build a DAC know their stuff (or should know it).
If the DAC benefits from upsampling, they should upsample (as most of them do),
This is not magical, unknowable technology.