Confused on set up

Hi. I am new to Roon and a little confused. I have set up my Core with a Roon Server from Inside Tech. It was pretty straightforward and now I can finally connect reliably to Roon for my various audio services. What I cannot do is to transfer music from my PC to the storage capacity on the Roon. I anticipated finding the Roon under the various network devices on the PC but there is no mention of it. What do I have to do to locate the storage capacity.

When I go onto settings it gives me an option to browse but the screen is empty bar a reference to network share? I can access "Choose Music storage Folder " but it is simply empty

What an I doing wrong folks?

What additional storage capacity came with the PC. If it runs ROCK it will require an additional storage drive for your music. What size is it?

As mentioned, when you made your order with Inside-tech, did your configuration have two drives? They offer 128GB M.2 ssd, which is where Roon ROCK is installed, so that is the OS and database. You would need to select an option for the 2nd drive to store music on the device. If you didn’t order the 2nd drive, it’s no issue to get one and install it yourself. Or you can attach a USB external drive and save music there.

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Hi The specification under storage reads 128GB M.2 + 500 GB 2.5 quot SSD

You must first access ROCK web interface, and format the storage drive (your second HDD). After this, you will see it as a network shared drive.