Confusion over Peter Phillips and Philips

Peter Philips is a 16th century choral composer (spelled with one ‘l’)
Peter Phillips is a 21st century choral conductor (spelled with two ‘ll’).

In Roon, the artist entry for (composer) Peter Philips has a portrait of (conductor) Peter Phillips and he appears as the artist on three of the albums that Peter Phillips has conducted, even though none of his compositions appear on them.

What appears even more bizarre, though understandable, is that the artist entry for (conductor) Peter Phillips has a portrait of the rapper and producer Pete Rock (born June 21, 1970), whose real name is also Peter Phillips. Rock also appears as though he is the conductor/artist/producer on a number of the Tallis Scholars/Peter Phillips choral release, which I doubt is the case. He also appears as producer on a number of other ‘Classical’ releases, if that is what the appearance of those albums on Pete Rock’s ‘Production’ screen signifies.

So to put it more simply, Roon is confusing/combining in various ways the three people:
Peter Philips (16th century composer);
Peter Phillips (director of the Tallis Scholars);
Pete Rock (real name Peter Phillips, rapper and record producer).

I have to admit, I giggled a little over this :smile:

Thanks for the clear concise report – we’ll take a look in the database and see if we can sort this manually, as described here.