Congratulations! KEF LS50W & Roon 269 - Direct to ETH!

Roon Team Congratulations to you and all LS50W owners. I m sure its more work to Roon team than to KEF engineers (If only they had worked with Roon team on hardware before launch).

Those who have already updated the new firmware on LS50W and 269 build - How is it going? any tips to share :wink:

Cant wait to update the new build and firmware. I m 8 hours away till I finish my work Darn! :laughing:

Is there switchable option for ETH mode on LS50. I think I saw only Wifi symbol. Anyways will figure out once I reach home, but do share your BKMs (best known methods).

@danny love ETH (hate WIFI anyways) ETH is good-enough, sorry its great!. Thank you :pray:!


I am just playing with it. So far, it works perfectly. No issues with skipping/tracking that I have had with the Kef App or A+/DLNA connectivity.

Just plug ethernet into the back of the speaker and set it to “wifi” mode. It will actually use the ethernet connection . “wifi” mode really means streaming over local network … be it wifi or ethernet.

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As expected, because it’s a one-off integration, you can’t group it with any other (RAAT) endpoints … that is unfortunate.

Super!. thank you @nquery

few more hours cant wait till I get back home.

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Is this if you want to do ‘party’ mode ie. different end points playing the same track?

Had some hickups playing DSD tracks. Solved it by setting the DSD to PCM filter to conservative (24 Khz)

I’m now streaming direct to my KEF’s. Sounds great!

By the way, I had to restart Roon Server for it to ‘see’ the KEF’s.

Oh, and one of the things I really like about this update? The volume control in Roon is sync-ed to the KEF’s volume. Hence, changing the volume in Roon changes the volume on the KEFs. And vice versa.

I presume that this means that there isn’t any digital volume conversion happening (aka. leading to an inevitable reduction in the bit resolution of the music and therefore, arguably, SQ).

I’m liking this update a lot already.

@danny @ben It was worth the wait guys! Nice one!!

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The needing to restart the Roon core caught me as well, once solved the LS50w’s appeared and everything seems to be working beautifully, congratulations to the Roon team.

Brian recently posted about Roon’s volume DSP and SQ.

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I knew this would happen this way. I left home yesterday on a five day business trip and can’t try this out on my LS50W speakers. I have to wait until Sunday. I guess I will have to resign myself to reading about others. So now let’s watch to see how many microRendu’s end up in the for sale pages this week.

Ha ha ha !

Guys I forgot how to update firmware on LS50W again?
I did it using my MacBook. I don’t have USB to USB cable . God can’t wait.

Meanwhile ROCK updated itself to 269. But my iPad is not. Do we know how to force update?

It is going through the App Store approval process so will probably be available via App Store updates in the next few days. iPad control of the Kefs works fine on the current version.

Excellent thank you!

Mine updated and playing without a hitch. Sounds good.

Rock as usual appliance, nothing to do on my own - updated to 269.
LS50W I had few hick ups with my internet. But it went smoothly once internet issue was fixed all updated smoothly. USB cable removed from LS50W. Actually it’s nice that it’s always in wifi mode as I can now mess around with the LS50W app.

Sounds great as usual :smiley::+1:t3:.

Congratulations Team Roon and Thank You! :pray::joy:!

Volume adjustment from Roon is cool.

I’m pretty sure the KEF handles volume internally, so Roon just sends volume information together with the non-adjusted digital music data. The principle is the same for using USB (KEF have USB volume support). In other words, no DSP volume is done (unless its done internally inside the speakers).

Btw, anyone done and comparison in sound quality between USB and Ethernet cable?

Just reading about the link sent above on volume adjustment.

Regarding USB vs ETH, I’m sure that there is no loss in packets sent thru ETH compared to USB.

SQ check yet to do. Currently enjoying as is.

No, the data will arrive for both USB and Ethernet, but with USB you often also get jitter and stuff that can affect SQ (google USB audio tweaks, or check products like UpTone ISO Regen or iFi nano iUSB3).

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