Congratulations on award

Congrats on winning Computer Audiophile’s best overall product of the year!
Well deserved.


Seconded, just read the article. High praise indeed, and a nice end to 2015.

[Quote=Chris Connaker from the link above]"Roon has without a doubt been the biggest thing in high end audio in 2015. Everyone from end users to manufacturers has been talking about how it has changed their music loving lives for the better…

Hardware manufacturers can’t wait to get out of the software business by enabling RoonSpeakers on their devices, and end users can’t wait for a bunch of devices to support Roon.[/quote]

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Yes, a well deserved award. Roon will be successful on two fronts, users love it and Manufactures need it. That looks like a great place to be to me. Chris :sunglasses:

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Great product! Congratulations!

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Like Chris said, I’m really looking forward to Roon endpoint options appearing soon. Congrats to the Roon team.

Yes, congratulations on a well deserved award. Can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring, especially as regards endpoints.

Congrats to the Roon team!

Congratulations guys! Well deserved, pretty sure it won’t be the last one. The award season has only just begun…:smile:

Yes, well deserved, and I am thoroughly looking forward to Roon really setting the audio world alight in 2016. It could be a seminal year. I am also curious to see how the high-end manufacturers stand with Roon, embrace it, or discard it because they feel their software is better!!

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