Connect Devialet Phantom Gold to Roon - for dummies

So I just downloaded the trial version of Roon to my Mac, and the only Audio that comes up is the internal speakers on the Mac.

I have a pair of Devialet Phantom Golds set up in stereo (on DOS1) via Dialog, and a bunch of Sonos Ones throughout my house. Roon cannot see any of them, it seems.

What to do in an easy and no-nerdy manner? I don’t want to do a whole lot of research and technical trial and error to make this work - Roon is either a finalized product ready for Phantom, or it is not.

In the latter case, I will just ditch Roon, but if this is quick and easy and it just works, I am willing to pay for Roon.

Do the Sonos speakers should show up in Menu/Settings/Audio? If so, you might need to Enable them to allow them before you can select them as a audio endpoint.

If they are not seen, then maybe the Mac’s firewall or AntiVirus is causing an issue. You can test this by turning it off and seeing if the Sonos speakers appear.

Roon supports Airplay, if your Phantoms support Airplay then you should be good. (Again, you will probably need to Enable them under menu/settings/audio).

Native Roon support is something that Devialet will have to bring to the Phantoms with a firmware update. I know that they have done so with the Expert Line.

Thanks, @Rugby - seems to work now, after a couple of reboots

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Glad to hear you are working. The Phantom Gold’s are great sounding.