Connect my OPPO 205 Roon?

Any chance for assistance in how to connect my OPPO 205 Roon?

There’s very little you have to do. Your Oppo needs to be turned on and connected to your network. That’s all you need to do on the Oppo.

After that, you should see the Oppo on any of your Roon remotes.

That’s how it worked for me.

Oh, I also made sure I had up-to-date firmware on the Oppo.

Thanks Ken,

Have done what you propose, but can’t see OPPO on the Roon remotes.

Could it be that I need to re-install Roon, as I can’t identify Roon core. As you probably understand, I’m new on OPPO and new on Roon…



Hello @Terje_Clausen,

You need to make sure you are running Roon as a Roon Core on a Mac or PC on your network for Roon to function correctly. Once you have Roon Core up and running, you should see the Oppo in the Settings > Audio screen.


Hi Terje,

I’m not sure how the remotes find the endpoints, but I’ll second what John said and get the core working first since nothing will work for Roon without that.

I suspect after you do that it will work.

I’d also check that the Oppo can indeed access the network.

PS I’m pretty new to Roon as well.