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Can’t use ARC.

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Who is your internet service provider?

Please list the make and model of your modem and router?

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What is the error message shown on the Settings > Roon ARC screen?

Can’t connect ARC when mobile. Ok with WiFi.
I have a BT Hub 6 router with UPnP enabled.

Please open Roon Remote, not ARC, and go to Settings > Roon ARC, and provide either a screenshot or paste the text contained inside the braces: {…}. Thanks.

Please can you help

Regards Peter

It’s just a thought, but I believe that BT Hubs may have IPv6 addressing turned on by default.

Can you turn this off in your router, reboot your ROCK/NUC and see if that helps?

Your BT Hub may have configuration pages similar to this - and you need to change the “Stateless” entry to “Off”:

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Hi @Peter_Hayes,

Have you been able to connect since you last posted?

If the BT Hub modem/router is your only router, then it’s I suggest trying the step @Geoff_Coupe suggested above, and verifying that IPv6 is disabled.

If you have a second router in your setup, please include the make and model, as it may cause errors similar to the diagnostic message you posted above.

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