Connect ROON from iPad to Mu-SO?

My current system : iMac 27" (end 2014) OS Catalina 10.15.7, DAC Hapi from Merging (AES67) (then the music goes to preamp, amps and speakers)

The actual Roon core is my iMac.

For reasons of economy of my tubes (very expensive to replace) I sometimes want to listen on a Mu-So 2nd generation.

What are the procedures?
Which application do I have to load from Apple Store?
Do I have to use wifi or bluetooth to connect to the Mu-So, or Ethernet (better I suppose)?

In this case, the core of the iMac is inactive, do I have to load another core somewhere ? or move the one of the iMac to the iPad ? if yes, how ?

These are my questions. If there was a printed or online procedure somewhere, it would be very helpful.

Thanks for your attention.


Mu-So 2 is a Roon Ready device. Settings → Audio
You should see it there and enable it. Of course your Mu-So needs to be on the same network as your Core (iMac).

From that point select it as a Zone from the Zone picker.

Thank you very much but I don’t see ROON on any screen.

I can see Spotify, Qobuz and Tidal. And the user’s manual doesn’t speak about ROON (!).
I am sure it is a 2nd generation. The screen indicates that. So were is ROON ?

If you could explain more how to find ROON ?
Parameters audio (in setup) indicate only what to do if Mu-So is near or far from a wall.

I appreciate your help. Thanks.

Forget my previous answer. It works now. I don’t know how or why but it works.

Thanks for your help.

Have a good listening.

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Yup, all Roon is done from Roon. That’s one of the beauties of Roon you don’t have to use the native app to do anything (but maybe put it on the network). Good to see it is working.