Connect SonicTransporter to NAS, what else is necessary


Bluesound will be available soon for Roon and I would like to know, if my setup will work:

Actual setup: Router - Synolgy (NAS) connected via ethernet - Bluesound connected via Wlan

Setup with STi5: Router - NAS (ethernet) - STi5 (ethernet, plugged into router) - Bluesound connected via Wlan

As far as I’ve understood, the ST will worl like an “advanced app” with the NAS and the music is streamed then to the Bluesound.
Is that correct?

Thank you

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The ST will work like the server it is and the NAS will be nothing but storage for the Roon software running on the ST. No applications running on the NAS at all.

Okay, I got it :slight_smile:
but will my described setup work?

As far as I understood you, the NAS and the RoonServer, aka ST, are plugged via ethernet into the router, and the BlueSounds connect to the router via Wifi. Yes that will work. Your environment and the music resolution and format types might have an impact on the quality of the Wifi connections.

Thank you Daniel,
you clarified it now to me.
My Wifi is fast and stable, so I am able to stream Hi-Res without hick-ups…


Yes that sounds like it would work well.

Installed my STi5 today, copied the database from my PC to the ST, et voila…
Works like charm :slight_smile:

Thank you

I bought my sti5 today… will soon have a setup like yours. I guess you don’t yet have Roon on the Bluesound, so are you streaming to or via the Bluesound app ATM?

I just prepare and fine tune my Roon database, my music is playing only on my PC at the moment. I can wait… :slight_smile: