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I have been using Blusound Vault2i which claims to be Roon Ready, the documentation is pretty thin and not really turning out to be a plug and play operation.

I would really like to make this work since the UI on the Bluesound is fairly crappy. Can I please get help making them play together.

The setup page just sits there looking for a roon device and never finds the Bluesound.


Just continue the setup process?
When set up properly (logged in, license aquired, music storage/sources configured) go into Settings-Audio and you will find your BluOS-device under Roon Ready-devices.
Just Activate, give it a name and go play some tunes! :slight_smile:

Assuming that the Vault is working and on the same network as the Roon Core then in Roon select Settings then Audio scroll until you see the Roon Ready devices, it should appear. Additional device set up is done by clicking the gear icon.

Thanks for the quick response. Maybe the problem is that I don’t have a room core. It kind of won’t get past the initial setup page where it is looking for a room device. Can I use the roon user interface if I dont have any roon hardware?
Thank you

Ah! That explains things! :slight_smile:
Sadly you won’t be able to enjoy Roon unless you set up a Roon Core somewhere on your network.
Roon builds upon three main necessities:
The Roon Core (your server, still missing in your setup, as i understand it)
The Roon endpoint (Your Bluesound fits this role)
and finally the Roon Controller (Assuming you have installed the App on your tablet/smartphone)
The Core also need some sort of source, a streaming service or local files from your network.

Anyways, you can check out Roon by installing the complete Roon package or the Roon Server on a computer attached to your network.

Have a look at the download page.

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[quote=“John_Booher, post:4, topic:189900”]
Can I use the roon user interface if I dont have any roon hardware?[/quote]

Any computer that meets the guidelines can function as a Roon core.

I have the Bluesound vault 2i and power node, I’m trying to understand the outline for steps to use roon. Trade offs for putting together a small-mini nuc PC or will I be happier in the long game with the roon hardware if I already have music ripped ro the vault? Does the nuc need a standard faire OS or just roon Software. Is there a basic outline for getting to the fun part?

Set up a Roon Core on a NUC, a PC, Mac that meet the requirements or Nucleus. Roon software is fine there’s also a link to Roon Server in the downloads page. Connect it to your network with ethernet.

Install Roon app on any device connected to the same network (tablet, laptop, desktop, smart phone) and through the app connect to the Roon Core.

In the app navigate to Settings > Storage to connect to any local music files you want to play.
In the app navigate to Settings > Services to connect to Tidal, Qobuz if you subscribe.
In the app navigate to Settings > Audio to set up any playback devices (called endpoints in Roon)

The Bluesound devices show up here, as shown in this screen grab:

Like this? Intel NUC Kit NUC8i3BEH Product Specifications ?

Looks OK but may be overkill. Many users choose that route.

An older PC or Mac works just as well. I’m using a 2012 Mac Mini as my Core. It’s an i7, 16 GB RAM and SSD boot drive. Cost me under $350 and so far it’s been solid.

… or Maybe just buy a Nucleus?

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