Connected to Roon Core on Innuos Zenith but not finding roon os

Under general setting Roon is connected to the Roon Core running on my innuos zenith server however i am unable to select zenith as an output source.

squeezbox is spinning out while searching for squeezbox devices.

I have attempted to get to the roon web os, i get to the display page but it just has Roon logo displayed and not the web os.

Roon web os has nothing to do with Innuos devices so it wont find anything it’s for devices running RoonOS which is the Nucleus or a nuc running ROCK. Innuos settings control your Innuos, Roon Remote look after Roons settings. Did you enable it as both player and core in the Innuos settings and is a DAC connected to it and powered on. If no DAC connected you want see it as an audio device. It doesn’t use Squeezebox unless your using their experimental mode which is unsupported by Roon.