Connecting 2Go to Roon Server directly via network switch?

Hi there, I’m currently trying to connect 2Go to the Roon server running on a MacBook. As the hotel Wifi that I’m in right now does not let me connect wirelessly, I bought a simple network switch. MacBook is connected to port 1 on the switch and the 2Go is connected to port 3. A NAS is connected to port 2 and connects to the MacBook just fine. But I can’t get Roon to see the 2Go at all. Any tips how to establish this connectivity would be greatly appreciated.

PS: I wrote this question to Chord already and they are saying it’s a Roon problem. Not so sure, actually…

A little more detail would be useful.

  • HHow is the “mini” network configured?
  • What device is running [the] DHCP [server]?
  • How are you handling the default route [and gateway] for Internet connectivity?
  • Can you see the 2Go/ Hugo using Chord’s apps?

Would it be simpler to use USB when running in an hotel? Or create your own hotspot on the MacBook?

Thanks for the added questions, Martin. Let me try and add a few details:

  • The switch is an unmanaged “dumb” Cisco switch with no specific configuration whatsoever
  • DHCP is running on the MacBook that also runs Roon server
  • No internet connectivity configured at all. Is that a necessity to get Roon to see the 2Go?
  • I can see the 2Go and Hugo2 via the Chord app on my phone
  • Connecting via USB would be an option but for this I would have to disconnect the 2Go from the Hugo2. And I don’t have the necessary tool with me to do that…

To be clear, you are running a DHCP server on the MacBook? If this is the case please make sure you have enabled the Chord 2Go under Settings > Audio. However, if not then this may be a feature on your NAS.

Internet connectivity is needed to login to Roon and for other features, but not essential. Nonetheless, you could achieve this by using Internet Sharing from the Sharing preferences pane.