Connecting a Hard Drive

I just set up RoPieee on an RPi 4B. I’m using Roon with Tidal, Qobuz, and my own stored media files. All seems to be working fine. A couple of things.

  1. How’s best to add remote, external hard drive storage. I’d like to set up my stored music files for access via Roon, and maybe for other things. Directly to the RPi 4B? Attached to my router?

Recommendations and how best to do this is appreciated.

For stored music on an external drive, connect via USB to your Roon core device.

Thanks for your reply. Got that. Could do USB. That Roon Core diagram does show NAS. A network attachment may be more convenient. I’m just not entirely sure right now how to do that.

A NAS could connect by ethernet to your network. A USB drive should connect directly to your Roon core device which is not your RPi end-point device. I would simply use a good size SSD connected by USB to your core.

You do not connect stored music to Roon Bridge, i.e. the RPi, but the Core either directly, USB or a network share.

Is there a particular reason you’re recommending an SSD? It’s a lot more expensive, and I’m not sure there’s any gain over and above a spinning drive.

It’s totally silent.

Fair point. I was assuming the core isn’t in the listening room.

Thanks. SSD is a great idea. I already have a 5TB external USB hard drive. So, to the Core it is.