Connecting core and output device

I am considering using Roon with a mac mini (2020 i5). I could output from the mac directly to my dac/amplifier (Peachtree), but I’ve read it’s preferable to separate the core from the output device. So I will plan to use it with my Bluesound node 2i.

The doc says: “plan for an ethernet cable between your Core and Output components.” This is probably a silly question, but should I take this to mean simply that both the mac and the node 2i should be connected to the network with ethernet? Reading that sentence literally, I don’t see how I would put an ethernet cable between them, but I want to be sure I’m not missing another option.


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Yes, you need to connect both Mac and Node2i to your home network. That means connecting each to your network router or a switch if you use one.

Thank you!

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Which Peachtree?

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