Connecting issues with Squeezebox duets

Hi all,
just started trying out Roon. What great stuff :-). Next step is trying to connect it to my 2 duets. I have disabled my one SBS on my nas. Now both Duets give the blue status light, meaning they can’t connect to the chosen library ( the SBS on my nas is switched off).

When I check settings on my squeezebox controller, I don’t see the Roon library name (my pc name) included in the library list. I only see the library and a library name referring to my previous nas ( I havent used the controller for a few years, I suppose it’s an old cached name?) .

I’m running Roon on Windows 10 and switched of the firewall to make sure data traffic is not blocked.

Can anyone help me further? I noticed there was a firmware update available on the controller ( 7.3.3.r17662). I will try that also.

Many thanks!

In addition to previous: the Roon app does recognize my raspberry pi Kodi device in the network and the Roon remote app I installed on our Nexus tablet cannot connect to Roon (it says ‘connection failed’ when I enter the ip addres of my roon pc manually. Allow remote connections is switched on

Those bloody lights on the Duet used drive me mad!

Unfortunately I don’t have direct experience of connecting Duet to Roon only SBT, but just in case - the PC with Roon on it is connected to the same network as the devices you are trying to connect?

You did choose “switch library”?

and of course a reboot of everything never goes astray.


The Receiver is a nightmare to troubleshoot when it’s on LMS, I can only wish you luck in getting it connected to Roon :confused:

hi John, thanks for your reply. all devices on the same network. I tried to perform a Factory reset of both my duets via the controller. choosing a player in the controller menu and then choose reset option within the player menu option. only thing it seems tot do is reset the controller itself.

i dont think i have a switch library option. where could i find that?

thx for the heads up!

It could be a choose library option either.
I can’t remember the Duet controller that well, it’s been a few years.


I’d try going back to running the Duets from Squeezebox Server (disable The integration in Roon first). Then follow the step by step Squeezebox integration instructions. Mine took a couple of power cycles, but I don’t recall needing to set back to factory settings at all. I can now happily switch between LMS (Squeezebox Server) and Roon, so long as only one “server” (Roon or LMS) is trying to control the Squeezebox end points at a time it all works well.

Hi Vincent, by your suggestion I reactivated the SBS/LMS (it is the same, right?). On top of that I noticed that my wifi network on the roon pc was categorized as public network (this might have resulted in more strict firewall rules in and outbound to the ROon pc. I managed to switch that to private.

And then everything started working! I could see the Roon pc in my Ipeng app and connect my both Duets to it. Also the Roon app on the Nexus tablet was now able to connect to the Roon PC!

So my guess is it had to do with the public to private switch of the Wifi Network.

Thanks again!


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Good news Michiel - glad it’s all sorted, enjoy the Roon integration!