Connecting Matrix Audio Xsabre II2s

Greetings to all fans of quality sound. I have a great request for you. As an amateur in the world of High End Audio, I can’t find my way around composing my audio system.

I have been trying to complete my audio system for a long time so that I could play all currently available audio formats from PCM- (44 kHz), MQA to DSD 1024 natives.

What I use.

MacMini (2012) with Intel i7 (3615QM) 2.30GHz processor, 10.00 GB frame and 500GB SSD. I have Windows 10 Pro installed there. I don’t use the MacOs operating system because it has limitations. It’s true that I also have MacOs there, but through BOOT camp, I use Windows, the reason is that I want to use ASIO.

I can say that there are no problems with that - it’s OK.

Only the necessary software for Windows 10 is installed in MacMini, nothing more, no unnecessary things, but mainly ROON LABS (I have purchased a lifetime license). I only use this computer on ROON.

The analog part - only very briefly, is composed of Classé components - 2x CAM 400 monoblock and CP800 MK2 preamplifier. Vivid Audio Oval K1 speakers. The main source of music is digital files that I have stored on the Synology DS 1815+ NAS with port aggregation. So it is connected to the 4x ethernet network via a switch - D-Link - DGS 1210-16, which supports port aggregation and thus 4 ports are reserved for aggregation. The local network is fast 1GB.

And this is where my problem begins !!!

As a D / A converter I bought a Matrix Audio Xsabro PRO MQA.

I connect this DAC USB to MacMini (Windows) ASIO. ROON will find it without any problems and I can currently play almost everything from PCM / MQA to DSD 512 (native)

I am very happy with this DAC and I am almost at the successful end of my endeavor, but I would like to know how to play DSD 1024 through Matrix. That is my problem.

I’m looking for something about the Matrix - some device - which would have an Ethernet socket, through which I would connect it to the local network and the device would support RAAT (roon) but at the same time would have II2s output from which I would connect to input II2s in Matrix Audio X Saber. The Matrix has DSD 1024 (Nativ) support, but only through this II2S port, so if I want to play such a resolution I have to bring the file to this port.

I also heard a lot about the extension for ROON - HQPlayer 4 Desktop.

I don’t know if I could configure it (HQPlayer 4 Desktop), but even if I can I always end up with connection problem - USB. Matrix via USB only DSD 512.

As a layman, I may misinterpret the whole thing, but in simplicity I would like to bypass USB, take the MacMini away to another room - (away from the analog part) and send units and zeros via the local network (DSD1024) to the II2s Matrix port which sends directly to the chip.

I got a recommendation to use this device - SparkDIGI LTE I2S Kali - KALI Reclocked Network Player I2S LVDS HDMI

However the device does not support RAAT - and that is problem.

Please forgive my unprofessionalism.


You might want to have a look at this:

The ultraRendu sits between ethernet (in) and USB (out);
the ultraDigital sits between USB (in) and i2S (out).
Each of these two devices needs a power supply.

The ultraRendu is a Roon-Ready device. I’m not saying this kit will (or won’t) deliver $1500+ worth of SQ improvement, but it seems to be one path to achieve what you want.

Matrix Audio also offers a USB-to-I2S converter.