Connecting Roon core to Innuos Server

I’ve just started using Roon and see it has a way of linking to LMS. Can Roon connect to my Innuos server? If so, how?

Welcome to the community, @David_Coe.

Your Innuos may be connected to Roon either as the core, depending on its specification, or an endpoint (player.) It’s not clear from your post whether you want the server to act as your Roon core, i.e., server, or an endpoint. Please provide more details of your current setup. Thanks.

You may want to read the following knowledge base articles from Roon and Innuos. These explain how Roon works, and how Innuos and Roon can work together.

This article explains how Roon can work with existing LMS devices.

Thanks for the reply. I would like to use the Innuos Zenith Mini Mk3 as the player, but I would also like my Roon Core which is on the same Network to be able to access the hard drive music files held on the Zen Mini. Is that possible?

Whilst I don’t have an Innuos, I understand that these expose the media files as a network share. Therefore, when setting up Roon, you can use this as a storage location under Settings > Storage.

Just remember the files will go from the zen to the Roon core then back again to the zen for playback. Make sure it’s attached via ethernet and not WiFi.

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