Connecting to ROCK - have to restart router

Hi - I have a NUC8i7BEH and for several months now I can only connect to Roon by rebooting my router (taking power out, waiting a few seconds and reinserting). I’ve tried booting the NUC first and the router first but whatever I do I always end up rebooting the router. Sometimes a few times.

Never used to have to do this. It’s annoying because I’m trying to power everything down now every night but connecting in the morning is a faff.

My router is a NOW TV router. I’ve had it about 15 months but can’t say for certain when I first started having connection issues.

Anybody have any idea what the problem might be? Thanks.

Do you have connections issues if you leave the nuc up 24/7 or only after powering down for the night? I leave my NUC8I7BEH up 24/7.

Sounds like the issue is with the router if power cycling gets the connection back. Maybe a setting of some sort.

Hopefully someone with the same equipment or knowledge on the subject will chime in.

Thanks, Mike. No, no problem if I leave it on overnight. Really don’t want to do that anymore, though.

And there’s another problem and it’s probably relatedly. I added some music to ROCK yesterday, first time in a long time, and it doesn’t add any pictures or information to the albums. I just get the spinning line that says it’s working on it. It’s been almost 24 hours and still hasn’t found any album covers for the new stuff.

Try starting the components in order, get the router up and running first , make sure the “internet” light is on before starting the NUC.

I restart everything daily , I start the router/modem - Brew Tea - Start NUC , trying to pinch it will normally result in having to restart one or other again normally the NUC.

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Just wanted to 2nd Mike’s comment. The Router can take awhile to reboot; so give it some time, brew tea, then continue with starting the rest of the devices.

Yes, sadly no matter how long I leave it ROCK just doesn’t see the router connection unless I reboot the router.

As I’m not getting any images, bios etc for music added I think this must be connected. ROCK just doesn’t like my router but I really don’t want to buy another router.

Rock itself hasn’t changed in 2 years and it’s this side that handles the networking. If it stays up if you don’t power off it points to a dhcp issue somewhere and a power cycle is restarting the dhcp server of the router and assigning new ips. If the router has ipv6 settings try turning ipv6 off. Ensure you don’t have any manually configure d ipaddresses set on devices and just use DHCP for all.

If Roon isn’t adding music then it’s likely struggling to connect to Roons metadata services. Can you alter your dns servers in the router at all? If so try changing it to be and secondary as and see if it helps.

Your router is not handling multicast well. Many ISP routers tend to behave like this.

Thanks for all the help. Google tells me I can’t change the DNS on a NowTV router. Bugger.

“Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately NOW TV Hubs don’t let you change DNS settings, you’d need to change DNS settings on each individual device instead.”

Oh well. There are some multicast settings might be worth playing with to see if it helps, but that wouldnt really affect rock having network access unless there is broadcast storm which would likely takedown everything on the network as well unless the router is isolating it

When you say it doesn’t connect to the network do you mean you cannot connect to ROCKs webgui or the remotes can’t connect to it? Are you on the routers latest firmware?

Sorry if this has been covered in this post already but are you required to stick with the NOW TV router?

Yes it’s a modem and router, you get no choice with the isp, not even sure you can use it purely as a modem. It’s basically same as the Sky Hub. Very few UK ISP allow you to swap out their kit they tend to bundle it all in one.

Everything works as you’d expect apart from having trouble connecting if I turn everything off and ROCK won’t find new album artwork etc.

Never considered I’d have a problem with Roon when choosing my broadband provider. According to Google people have made a third party router work. NowTV don’t make it easy though for non computer experts, it looks like.

You can make it work you just get two DHCP servers and double NAT so essentially two networks which can cause its own set of problems but as long as you connect all Roon stuff to the one it willl be fine. I would check in with NowTV as it’s an odd situation. Have you checked to see the multicast settings for the router?

I was having an issue with my server losing it’s IP address.
It was really hard to figure out what the problem was.

At one point I had narrowed it own to being the router (it is about 15 years old).
I purchased a new router from Amazon.
When it turned out to not solve the problem, I sent it back.

I suggest you do the same.
You will spend much less time, energy, and stress by simply buying something that is known to be good than you will trying to translate the jargon that people throw at you on these forums.
Do NOT just buy the cheapest router. Buy one that actually has reviews stating that it works, and not a ton of reviews saying it does not.