Connecting WD Mycloud with iMac to Roon on PS Direct Stream

Roon Version 1.2 64 bit
Late 2014 iMac info: OSX 10.11.5 : 1TB SSD/ 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 /4 GHz Intel Core i7/AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4096 MB

Network: Mix of wifi & wired.
My iMac connects by wifi to Apple Extreme router… All other connections are wired via ethernet… router is ethernet…router to switch… switch to PS Audio Direct Stream DAC w/ Bridge II

Music is stored on NAS WD MyCloud, Router 2015 Apple Extreme Use iPad air 2 as remote.

I have been able to set-up and use Roon. However, if I restart my compute I have to re-mount the NAS. I saw info on making a static IP. But I am really struggling to get this right. I am not very network savvy and need some hand holding. Can you give me some step by step instructions on how to get this working correctly?

I was also wondering if it’s possible to just use the WDMyCloud and an iPad as a remote. In other words, cut out the use of the iMac

Hi Richard,
Have a read of [Configuring a WD My Cloud for SMB instead of AFP [Solved]]
Take it step by step and if you get stuck report back on which step is giving you trouble.

[quote=“Richard_Purcaro, post:1, topic:12499”]
I was also wondering if it’s possible to just use the WDMyCloud and an iPad as a remote. In other words, cut out the use of the iMac
[/quote]No that’s not possible though Roon can run on certain Intel powered QNAP and Synology NAS devices.

You may also want to consider that in your current setup, you’re using the weakest link (WiFi) twice: once for getting the audio files from the WD into Roon on your iMac, and once for sending the processed audio to the DirectStream.

If possible, use a wired connection from the iMac to to the switch. If this is difficult, you may want to consider switching to local (USB) storage for your audio files on your iMac, so the WiFi link only has to be used once. It will also save you from any troubles with the WD, which is a very minimal NAS, and limit its use with Roon to backup purposes only.

Thanks Rene,

I just ordered a 5M Audioquest Cinnamon. Will this have any bearing on SQ?

I’m afraid it will have more bearing on your wallet than on SQ. :wink:

Other than that it will work fine.

Oh your one of those guys (LOL)… Please no offense. I’m an old timer and have been into high-end audio since the 80"s. I never believed that an ethernet cable could impact SQ. The cable from my switch to my PS Audio Bridge II had a big improvement. I did not want that to be the case, but it is. However, I am not sure if the ethernet cable from iMac to switch has any bearing on SQ…

By the way, is someone working on how to get my WD Mycloud and iMac a static IP? Just so I don’t have to re-mount every time I restart my computer.

Hey @Richard_Purcaro – unfortunately we’ve seen a lot of people struggle to get the MyCloud working. Most people have been able to get around this issue, but it’s taken a bit of effort.

I would read over this thread to get a sense of how people have worked around these issues. I know it’s a bit of a read, but I think you should be able to get the device to mount automatically without static IPs (which are fine, but may not be needed). @Lundmark and @Dale_Neidhammer’s posts are particularly helpful, but let us know if you’re not able to make sense of it.

@Carl has given you a succinct answer for this above, but if you want more information, give this a read.