Connection Failed w/ Roon via Synology (reset router)

Hello! Happy Synlology / NAS user and have had little to no connection issues in the past. Currently running Roon version 1.8 build 943. I see a “Connection Failed” error message when trying to run Roon Core via PC, tablet and phone. Package Center shows the Roon as installed and running.

Unfortunately Netgear / Orbi released some bad firmware over the weekend which caused me to have to hard-reset our router. Which means I had to reset the majority of connected devices - including the Synology / NAS which is running Roon.

Ultimately this may be more of a Synology issue but figured I would give it a shot here.

I have/had my DS920+ connected to the router via Ethernet but now can no longer “see” it via the Assistant. I restarted both the router, my windows PC, my phone and the NAS itself but no luck. I can see the NAS via the connected devices on my router’s admin page and can access my music library files via the web portal and can connect to the NAS via a web browser via or

I can not not ping the NAS’s local IP address.

Never had any connectivity issues prior to this. The Network Interface in the control panel shows “connected” with an IP and valid subnet mask. DHCP is selected. IPv6 is off.

Any ideas or hints how to “find” my NAS to get Roon up and running again? Greatly appreciate any insight or tips. Thanks in advance!

edit : Maybe worth a mention, currentlu using an AT&T modem with the router’s in “passthrough” mode. Maybe a network setting that changed a year plus a go that I forgot about? Firewall issue?

I have no instant idea. But the first thing I’d check, is the IP addresses of the Diskstation, Router and your computer/phone/tablet (which you’ve used to ping and connect to your Diskstation. Are they all in the same IP address pool?

Hi Crieke - Appreciate the response as always.

I have my desktop/pc, the diskstation (and all of my wirlessly connected devices) showing local ip addresses ala 10.0.0.X

The Orbi shows 10.0.X as a LAN address and 192.168.X.X as it’s Internet IP address (which I think is correct due to my AT&T modem being in “pass-through” and my Orbi router in “router” mode (vs AP mode)

edit : Also potentially worth a mention; I can “see” the DS920+ in Windows 11 / Network as a device on the local network

Synology sent a very thorough question / step by step guide and had me perform a Mode 1 reset of the Diskstation. Happy to report that clearing of the network and login settings cleared up the issue and my NAS can be found on the Network. Roon is up and running

Unfortunatley looks like I’ll have to recreate all my user accounts and logins but I’ll take it as the last 3 days were quite frustrating

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