Connection Issue: Roon ARC, iPhone 14, and iFi HipDac2

Hi, has anyone had luck using Roon ARC with an iPhone and an external DAC connected via USB?

I have the iPhone 14, Roon ARC, and the iFi HipDac2. I cannot get the iphone to recognize that an external USB DAC is connected and push audio out through the lightning port to the DAC. I have tried playing music through several apps including Apple Music, Roon ARC, Spotify and Tidal. I’ve checked all of the settings under music in the iPhone settings menu. I am out of ideas - nothing will make the music push out through the lightning port to the DAC.

I tried the iFi subreddit too and no one had a solution. This is my first iPhone and this connection used to work great with my old Android phone.

Any help is appreciated.

Are you using a camera adapter plugged into your iPhone? I have to use a camera adapter with most DACs and iPhone 13 Pro Max and previous iPhone 11 Pro Max. I don’t know about an iPhone 14 and that DAC.

I am using the iFi OTG USB-C cable with a lightning adapter on the end. I just ordered the apple brand usb lightning camera adapter though you’re speaking to so will give it a shot on Saturday when it comes in.

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I’m using an iPhone 13 with that same cable and an iFi Gryphon.
No issues other than sometimes having to reinsert the lightning side a couple times to get the phone to recognize the DAC.
I have other Lightning OTG cables and some work better than others.
I can’t help but wonder if you’ve got a bad cable.
Let us know how things work with the Apple adapter.

Have the same dac working on android phone, Catalina and Ventura OSx. Sorry I do not have a lighting OTG to test on my super old iPhone. Do you have an iPad or other device to test? Did you update the firmware for the hip dac2?
Anyway sounds like a cable issue. Hope the new one will work.

Hi, thanks I just upgraded from firmware 7.3 to 7.4c but that did not fix the issue. It could be the iFi cable or the usb-c to lightning adapter, or both, since it works with my android phone, but not my iphone perhaps because the cable and adapter are not apple brand or mFi certified.

Hopefully the mFi certified cables/adapters I’ve ordered to test with will work. I will keep you posted once I’ve tested this weekend.

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Yes, hope so. Pls post an update. Now having ARC I was thinking to get a new phone but if Iphone does not work with hip dac I’ll stay on android :slight_smile: thanks

So it turns out the cable or adapter plugged into the iphone needs to be mFi certified in order to work with the Hip DAC 2. I just got this in the mail and it made it work!:

If you put another cable in the chain after the mFi cable, which I had to do in this case because the mFi USB-A port on what I ordered was too big to fit into the slot on the Hip DAC 2, it does not need to be mFi certified, only the cable connecting directly to the iPhone does.

I also ordered this adapter so as long as it works I will keep it since it is so small form factor and will allow me to use the iFi OTG usb-c cable with it. I’m assuming it will work since it says it is mFi certified as well:


It’s too bad you are forced to use an adapter or second cable with the mFi certified Apple camera usb cable since the apple camera usb port is too large around to fit into the Hip DAC 2 straight on its own. I don’t know now if the iFi OTG cable I’m going to continue to use in conjunction with the mFi certified usb-c to lightning adapter is degrading the audio signal in any way.

I cannot find an mFi certified cable that is lightning on one end and fits into the usb port on the Hip DAC 2. I’m forced to use a second cable or adapter that is not mFi certified.

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I’ve been using my iPhone 12 Pro Max and 14 Pro Max with the Hip DAC2. All you need is the lightning to USB Camera cable NOT the USB3. The user manual also has this info. The standard USB Camera fits the hip DAC port and that’s the only cable you need between your iPhone and hip.

Does look confusing on the manual where it says USB3, but it’s just the USB camera cable. The USB3 is the one which is wider.

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Thank you I just ordered this and it gets here Saturday and I will test it out! The original one worked but was an off brand one on Amazon and it did not fit directly into the Hip DAC 2.

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