Connection to Bridge II in Audio after upgrade to 1.3 @support

After upgrading to 1.3, Roon no longer displayed the Bridge II on my PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC (v. 1.8.8.) I’ve read the other post (“Bridge II not discovered”) but my system is different. I was able to run both ethernet through the Bridge and USB into the DAC before the upgrade, but now can only rune USB.

Mac Mini - Core i7, 2.6 Ghz, 8 mb Ram
Storage - external Lacie 3TB
OS - Sierra 10.12.3
Library size 1Tb+

Network: as Paul McGowan describes: Thunderbolt between mac mini and external Lacie drive; ethernet Cat 7 to ethernet switch; ethernet Cat 7 to DAC Bridge II. Alternative: USB from Mac Mini direct to PS audio DAC, USB input (this one works).

Scanning for devices never ends (whirling circle of doom).

I have cd rips, DSD 64 and hi rez from HD Tracks.

Hi Bruce

Is Roon and Bridge II on the same network?

Check what’s the IP address for both Roon Core and Bridge II. BTW jumbo frames needs to be disabled.

Hi: I assume they are on the same network, because they both connect to my ethernet switch. I’m not sure how to find the Roon Core I.P. address. My Bridge II seems to have an I.P. address of
But now a new option in “Audio” has popped up. It says “Direct Stream Dac” and on one page it says “Roon Ready” beneath it. Is this the ethernet connection? It doesn’t say it is connected through the Bridge II.
I can’t find anything called “Jumbo Frames”.

This is what you are seeing?

If this is the case bridge is detected