Connection to Tidal

With Roon 2.0 it says I have to upgrade my Tidal and does not connect, please help

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If you are using the free TIDAL tier, this won’t work in Roon.

If you are not on the free tier, try and restart everything for a start.

Hi, I am not using the free version of Tidal. I have a paid membership for masters quality. I will try to restart everything but if you have any other suggestion please let me know

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Hi, I’m in the same position as you… It won’t connect to Tidal on any device… I asked for support days ago , but nothing helpful back so far… I’m on the 14 day trial, but if no help is given, unfortunately I’ll have to cancel my subscription…

Check in Roon settings>services and be sure you are still signed into Tidal.
I was logged out after upgrading to 2.0