ConnectionFailed between Controller and Core

I noticed that at startup of Roon on my Windows 10 desktop (Dell with touchscreen) using 5G wifi to connect to the network, it takes a second or so (sometimes longer) to connect to my Roon Core running on a separate server on my network. My network is all on one subnet (192.168.1.x). I then looked at my RoonServer log and saw a ConnectFailure multiple times and then it successfully connects.
I rebooted my Core server and retried, same issue.
My Roon Core is 1.2, running on an INTEL NUC, i5 8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Ubuntu 16.04 headless server. I used your installation script to perform the install - all defaults used.
While this is not a biggie problem, the software does work, I noticed at time that my controller app wigs out for failing to connect to the Core.

I noticed the same issue on my iPad that is running the Roon Controller app too.
Dump of RoonServer log below.

Any suggestions or should I not be concerned about this?