Connects and plays ok but disables the unit

I have connected my Transporter and one of my SBs but I can’t seem to power them down or turn them off or actually do anything with them locally. Is there a release “mechanism” somewhere in the Roon programme please?

Thanks in advance - Terry

p.s. they do sound good though…

i have two transporters connected to roon- the power button on the front panel does not work on either of them. the display buttons do work. i’m not sure if this is a limitation in roon’s implementation, or a feature they haven’t gotten around to adding. maybe @support could chime in?

the power buttons in the touch display do work.

I have found that turning Roon off releases the SB and the Transporter and they get their “brains” back and can be pointed at etc. and they can also be powered down. So at least I know what I can achieve. Maybe a disconnect button (without losing the settings) within Roon will do the trick.

I have a Touch arriving tomorrow (for the better half as she has a Roberts in her room and I can’t see that they are supported - yet).

Thanks for the reply - Terry