Considering adding the Luxman D-10x to my rig

I am considering adding the Luxman D-10x to my setup. I have a Luxman M900u power amp with the C900u pre arriving soon. I love the brand. So how does it sound? And is it a good choice to run a Nucleus into? Should I use a streamer or go straight in?
I’m not the brightest light in the tree when it comes to digital audio. And the thought of a one box solution is very appealing to me.

BTW…can I remove a tag from a post? Mine tags Lumin and this is obviously not about that brand.


You should use a streamer for SQ, as stated in rule 1 of this Roon article:

If you direct connect it to Nucleus you won’t get DSD512 because public Linux kernels do not recognize Luxman D-10X.

You may consider using a Lumin U1 as Roon endpoint for the Luxman D-10X for native DSD.

I already have made changes to Lumin firmware to recognize Luxman D-10X for native DSD512 playback (Lumin X1 / U1 / T2 USB output), just need a confirmation that it works.

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Thanks for the info Peter.
I have no Native DSD512 files and am unlikely to get any.
I actually cant really find any that are of interest, it seems there are a very small numbers of releases.
I own many SACD’s thus my desire to get the Luxman.
However I was just given a recommendation about Lumin from the store I am getting the 10x from…so I will be looking into it.
He was of the opinion that a Nucleus is not up to the quality of the rest of my system.
That threw me a curve ball for sure!

I have a client who initially was running Nucleus into the D10X via USB. Adding the Lumin U1 Mini into the mix made a substantial improvement to playback.


Was hoping for a few more suggestions to be honest.
Right now my options seem to be a Lumin U1 or 1 Mini but I have to think there are many other solutions.
I hope the inadvertent Lumin tagging did not restrict the answers.

Also my original question should have been…do I use a Nucleus/Streamer into the Luxman or do I go with a stand alone server streamer (is that the correct nomenclature) that will work as a Roon core?

Told you I was a digital virgin!

Any thoughts on using an Esoteric N-03T with my set up?
Can it act as a Roon core or do I still need a “computer” ?

Instead of repeating the Rule 1 in the previous post, I’d like to mention that there are several common devices that do not meet Roon hardware requirements, and are not officially Roon certified. They use a slower Celeron CPU that performs worse than the Mac you sold.

What I said about Lumin U1 100% applies to the Esoteric N-03T. While basically functionally equivalent, they differ in:

  1. Lumin offers Leedh Processing Volume. Esoteric does not.
  2. Lumin always provide newer firmware and apps. The Lumin app and Esoteric app are interchangeable so app difference is not really an issue here. Lumin just released support for Tidal Connect (for U1 T2 X1), Esoteric may be later.
  3. In descending order of price in most markets: N-03T > U1 + X1 PSU > U1 > U1MINI
  4. Availability: Unless you can find an existing N-03T unit, I doubt you can get one any time soon.

Feel free to search the other discussions about many streamers in this forum.

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I have a Luxman D-03X. For a long time I used a direct connection with Roon Nucleus+ through USB. I upgraded and purchased Lumin U1mini. Sound quality has gone up to another high level :dizzy:. But considering that Luxman D-10X is a top model, it corresponds to U1 :+1:, not U1mini, this is not his level.

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Do I need to use it with U1mini, how to set it up correctly and what will it give? :thinking:

Leedh Processing Volume is an advanced digital volume algorithm. Since you’re using the volume in the integrated amp, you don’t need it.

Since you are using D-03X, please upgrade the U1 MINI to Firmware 14, and help check Roon DSD playback with U1 MINI functions normally, with volume control setting disabled in Lumin app. You may even use Roon DSP Engine to upsample everything to DSD256 for this test, with Parallelize Sigma Delta Modulator setting enabled. Thank you!

There is also the level of U1 + X1 PSU upgrade. :grinning:

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DSD256 works great on the new firmware!

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For your favorite music in 44.1kHz, do you prefer playing it upsampled to DSD256, or stay at 44.1kHz?

I have a lot of music in different formats. But I always listen in native, all functions of the Roon DSP are disabled. ROON plays through Lumin almost like analog vinyl. :musical_score: :+1:

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Thanks for the info Peter.
I’ve been in the hobby for over 50 years and was working in the industry for 7 years in the 70’s. Never had such a problem figuring out an equipment path like this. I think its rather amusing how people slammed Analog for the complexities of turntable set up etc. This digital stuff takes that to a completely new level. Talk about complicated!!!
Anyway to reference your points…

  1. I don’t need volume control. I have a pre amp.
  2. I don’t use Tidal…not a fan at all.
  3. Yes, price definitely is a factor. And I am starting to think that Roon might not be the ultimate solution given the downsides to using it. (including price, complexity and SQ of Nucleus?)
  4. I can get a 03T at an amazing price, no wait :+1:t4:

The most important thing for me is simplicity. I really do not want too many boxes and other interfaces/PS etc etc. A streamer and server at the most. I absolutely want to keep it simple and easy to use. I would give up the last few % of SQ for that goal.

In the use of what you wrote, you don’t need that kind of digital transport and you don’t need Roon. Pay attention to the new Aurender N20.

Yes I was starting to think Roon might not be essential to my way of listening but I am also not so comfortable walking away from it. There is so much of it I like and enjoy daily.
While having less choice might be simpler and more efficient and even better sounding, I still like the idea of being able to choose Roon as my music software. The Aurender does not allow that.
Another thing I like about the Lumin and Esoteric is that their native apps are pretty decent too.

Equivalent devices, but with different sound. I like the sound of Lumin with Luxman better. It makes sense to buy an Esoteric in a mono-brand system, where everything is Esoteric.

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Yes, and that’s why I’m here.

I have checked for you the current network firmware of N-03T should recognize the Luxman just as the latest firmware of Lumin U1 does.

If you are currently a Roon user, there’s no point in buying a non-Roon Ready streamer unless you’ve already determined to leave Roon.

Peter, a huge mahalo to you for your help and honesty. You have gone above and beyond!
I agree, right now I am determined to stay with Roon. For all its foibles it is still a great foundation for my digital music.
So now i just need to decide on the streamer.

Here’s a user with Nucleus and Lumin U1 to D-10X: