Consistent troubles with Tidal

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core on fedora 33, 48 cores xeon and 128 gb ram.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Tp-link x20 3 items mesh system, keenetic giga 1010. 1 gigabit network.

Connected Audio Devices

CA cxn v2 series 2

Number of Tracks in Library

around 10k, but it wasn’t working properly even below 1k tracks.

Description of Issue

Currently it’s my trial roon period and I enjoyed overall experience but:
I have both tidal and qobuz. While I don’t have any troubles with Qobuz, I have consistent network issues with Tidal.

  1. Sometimes it exits an account and keeps retrying login attempts with no luck, until miracle happens and it logs in.
  2. Sometimes, when I try to play artists from “focus” selection it hangs on tidal albums. If it’s qobuz - then it’s always fine, but tidal - sometimes it keeps trying to find a song, but it can’t and after around couple of minutes delay it finally goes to a next song or to qobuz version. Of course, if next song is from Tidal as well - it also waits next couple of minutes.

I can’t skip Tidal, because some artists are not represented on Qobuz. And of couse Tidal app works properly with tracks in moments, when roon hangs with Tidal.

I already googled this issue and found/tried these things:

  1. Change dns to and
  2. Clean up cache folder
  3. I surprised that there’s no way to change default service to find a song. With my setup overall I would prefer to play music from Qobuz, but I don’t have such a button. Also, when I add albums - it plays Tidal version by default, which is annoying.

I would be more satisfied if able to play all albums from my collection from Qobuz and if Tidal is not working, then immediately go to Qobuz or to a next song. This 1-2 minutes delay is pretty annoying.

Help me please with these issues. Thanks.

You might try clearing the Tidal cache, here is a link to a post with directions.


But I’ve already mentioned that it didn’t help.

Probably this is the same issue as in one of the topics here:

As I’m from Russia as well.

Seems like this issue is still there.

Oh sorry. I missed that. :slightly_frowning_face:

I tried to do the steps provided in a topic above (not one with cache, but that is about IPs), will see how it goes with tidal.

But now I’m struggling with extremely slow UI in roon. It was absolutely fine just recently, now it doesn’t show discography sometimes or shows it slowly. Where this data comes from: roon servers or some local cache on roon core?

Also I have some questions:

  1. If I turn off tidal, add albums from qobuz and enable tidal again, will it load tracks from Qobuz first and not Tidal? Or if it’s the same album on Tidal and Qobuz it will go to Tidal anyways?

  2. Artists page. I tagged some artists and trying to play all their tracks using focus with tags. But it plays only those albums which I specifically added to my library. Is it possible to play all albums from artists by tags (on artists) without adding them to my local library?

  3. Do you have any limitations on the amount of tracks/albums/artists in Roon? Is it possible that these performance issues are related to the amount of data loaded?

  4. These performance issues affected adding albums to my library as well. Now I can’t add any new albums. Is it temporary issue? How can I fix that?

Just noticed that Qobuz is syncing, maybe this is the cause of performance degradation. Though it’s weird, I have extremely capable system and there’s no load on roon core server.

To be honest, these bugs are quite weird for such a nice looking software which is also paid :thinking:


Seems like managed to solve issues with Qobuz/Tidal library.

  1. Deleted all albums from Tidal’s app
  2. Deleted DB from Roon completely. It’s because Roon has a bug and I couldn’t remove around 150 albums from Tidal collections using Roon’s interface. I selected them, tried to remove, but nothing happened after that.
  3. Added Qobuz account first. Added all the albums to Roon’s collection.
  4. Added Tidal to Roon and added those albums which are absent in Qobuz

Also I noticed a bug with chosing version to play. I tried to deal with Qobuz/Tidal versions, but sometimes the button add to library wasn’t working for albums or “make primary” was grayed out.

So, what bugs I’ve found at the moment:

  1. Bug with Tidal’s connectivity (while there are no issues connecting to tidal any other way, it’s clearly Roon’s bug)
  2. Bug with hanging buttons and degrated performance during sync, inability to add anything to Qobuz’s library in Roon.
  3. Bug with versions selection mentioned above
  4. Inability to remove some albums from Tidal’s collections using Roon’s interface.
  5. Missync of the albums pictures. I attached a screenshot and it’s kind of dramatic one, as singer is not white… why this picture is there?

Do you have a jira or another tracking system for bugs?

Guys, @Rugby can you please help with questions above?

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